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GGIC Ind'n Country Joke Book

GGIC Ind'n Country Joke Book

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Geraldine Goes In Center

Jane Yount once expressed, "A sense of humor is a good sign that people are starting to recover emotionally." *as quoted from the Readers Digest;" Research has shown when people survive awful circumstances. What helps their ability to detach and get beyond is humor After the laughter people tend to feel strong, resilient, and hopeful.

Research also suggests laughter provides exercise by increasing the heart rate, stimulating blood circulation and breathing, and improving muscle tone. Laughing lessens the reduces pain and reduces stress by lowering levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that can weaken the immune system. 

Most of these jokes may be used to interchangeably with any tribe. Because of my respect and love for all Native People, I would never knowingly offend anyone. My goal is to make you crack a smile or even laugh out loud! 

- Spuka Sni Win, aka, Wasna Winya, aka, Jerry Goes in Center

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