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Dearly & Denny - The Show Goes On

Dearly & Denny - The Show Goes On

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Marcus Denny (Menominee/Potawatomi) and Jeremy "Worm" Dearly (Lakota/Ojibwe) are proud to bring you their third album of round dance music. Denny and Dearly are members of the world renowned Midnite Express singers and have made a name for themselves as accomplished singers and songmakers for both powwow and round dance alike. Denny and Dearly are joined on this album by their fellow drum brothers Sepatis Webster, Joe Rainey, and John Teller to bring you a midwest flavor of round dance music.

1. Showtime

2. The Walk of Shame

3. Your the One

4. I Thought Wrong

5. Hey-Yao-Heyy

6. D-Boyz Lullaby

7. Ojibwe Frybreader

8. Summer Hummer

9. I'll Never Know 

10. Snake Eyes

11. Was It A Dream

12. Butterface

13. Bouncin'

14. Curtain Call

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