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Tha Tribe - Stoic

Tha Tribe - Stoic

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Powwow songs recorded live in So Cal. Formed from singers from the four directions of Pow-Wow Country, Tha Tribe has been a mainstay on the Pow-Wow Trail for more than 15 years. Infused with sprit, pride, and honor, their songs exemplify the way of the drum and the dances that form the heart of Pow-Wow.

1)Micayla's First Song 2)Victory Song 3)Fox Trail 4)Skype Step J - Side Step 5)Apple Blossom 6)The Valley of Tha Sun 7)Grand Entry 8)Pala Hoppin' - Foot Slide 9)Intertribal 10)Budge Boys 11)LaFromboise 12)Tha LaFleur Shuffle 13)Sioux Valley 14)Celtic Tradition 15)The Slow Gamble

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