Quest for The Pipe of The Sioux

Quest for The Pipe of The Sioux

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"My grandfather Wilbur A. Riegert, who wrote this wonderful book, passed away before he saw this work published. He passed the rights to my mother, Jean M. Fritze, and together she and I represent his book. 

Although we are Ojibwa from the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, Wilbur had cultivated a greater affinity for our brothers and sisters of the Lakota. He spent his life collecting artifacts, stories, images much of which had been housed in the museum at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, the most memorable home of my childhood. 

In this book Wilbur shares the story of his journey to understand the power of the Sacred Calf Pipe and the wisdom of the White Buffalo Maiden who gifted this remarkable pipe to the People." 

-Adrienne Fritze

(granddaughter to Wilbur, daughter of Jean Marie)