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Midnite Express - Wiconi Wanjila Yelo

Midnite Express - Wiconi Wanjila Yelo

From the heart of the Twin Cities of Minnesota comes the sounds of the world champion, Midnite Express Singers. Featuring twelve of their latest intertribal and contest songs this album was recorded live at the annual Augsburg College traditional powwow near downtown Minneapolis. The Title (Wiconi Wanjila Yelo-One Life to Live) was inspired by our teaches, Jerry Dearly Sr. This term is used by Jerry in Worm's songs and reminds us to help one another, as we only have one life to live. 

1. Intertribal (worm)

2. Unity (Jacob Faithful)

3. Song for Whitney Rencountre I (Worm)

4. Intertribal (Worm)

5. R.E.S. Anthem (Worm)

6. Intertribal (Worm)

7. Intertribal (Marcus)

8. Intertribal (Worm)

9. Contest (AJ Redman)

10. Cheyenne Fiddler's Song (Worm)

11. Contest (Marcus)

12. Ann Lee DustyBull Pemberton's Song (Jay DustyBull)

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