Lakota War Horse Notecard

Lakota War Horse Notecard

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Horse- Sunka Wakan ( Shoe- ka Wa-con)

Represents: Power and Freedom. 

Many refer to the Lakota as the "Horse Nation." Horses first appeared on Sioux winter counts in about 1700 for the Southernmost bands. It took about fifty years for all of the Lakota to master this new technology. The horse improved the everyday life of the Lakota by providing enhanced travel, hunting, and warfare. 

The horse for a Lakota was an asset both monetarily and prestige. Horses were often used as gifts for trade. Both men and women could own their own horse by earning it or by captured in a raid. A Lakota took great pride in a good buffalo hunting horse. He would train the fastest and smartest of his horses and his horse, loyal to him. He would promise to decorate and parade him with the sacred symbols of the Lakota if he would perform well. These decorations along with the prayer would protect the horse and give him supernatural powers.

Note card by Dustin Twiss.